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Lil Kim vs. Nicki Minaj (a Nicki Minaj Fanfic) Chapter 7

Nicki Got out a Big Pink Glittery Suitcase That Drake Gave Her For Her Birthday.She Packed a White Alexander McQueen Dress that Stopped in Mid-thigh, White 7 inch High Heeled Boots that Stopped Just Below the Knee She Also Packed a White Denim Jacket Just in Case it's Snowing in Toronto even though it's August 2012 (Yes That is What Time Period This Story is). She Also Packed a Pink Strapless Dress that Stopped just Below Her Butt, Pink 6 inch High Heeled Shoes. She Packed Regular Clothes Like a White Thong and a Pink Thong(to Wear Under Her Dresses), A Plain Pink T-shirt,a Pink and White Bra and White Short Shorts and Pink Glittery Flip-flops and that Was all She Would Wear That Outfit On The Flight So She Won't Mess Up Her Dress.

In Her Matching Pink Glittery Carry On Bag She Packed Her Make-up And Lip Gloss and Was About to Pack Her Jewelry Until Drake Sent Her a Text.It Read:

MyDrake:Make Sure For Jewelry You Only Pack One Pair Of Earings and Some Bracelets and Wear your Engagement Ring Don't Put it In Your Suitcase. It's a Surprise
XOXO Aubrey

I Packed My Hoop Earings and My Bracelets.And Painted My Nails and Toes Nails Hot Pink.

Friday,Nicki House, 7:58a.m.


I Woke Up and Got Myself a Pop Tart. I Ate The Two That Were The Pack While Watching Good Morning America on Channel ABC Then the Time Read 8:04 When I Finished. I Shut Off The TV then Washed My Plate and Took a Quick Sip of Water and Did My Morning Routine (Brush My Teeth, Shower,Dress)

After I Finished My Shower, I Dried Myself With a Towel and Took Out my Suitcase and Took Out Her Carry On Bag and Took Out a Pink Thong, a Plain Pink T-Shirt,a Pink Bra, White Denim Short Shorts and My Pink Glittery Flip Flops. I Dressed in the Outfit I Took Out and I Put On a Black Lace Front Wig and Parted it. I Put On Lip Gloss But No Make Up.

I Finished Dressing at 8:57 and Decided to Bring My Suitcase and Carry on And My Purse Downstairs to the Living Room and I Put My Engagement Ring in My Purse and My iPhone (32 GB) and my Deodorant and Lotion in My Purse along My Toothpaste and Toothbrush and My Wallet and Money. It Was Nine O'clock But The Limousine Still Wasn't There But Then I Remembered To Put The Charger to My iPhone, iPad Mini and iPod Touch in My Carry On Along With My iPod Touch (64 GB) and iPad Mini (64 GB)in My Carry On So I Decided to Watch Live!With Kelly and Michael On Channel ABC. 5 Minutes Later The Limo Pulled Up and I Shut Off The TV.

I Grabbed My Black Gucci Purse, Carry-On Bag and Suitcase and Went Up to Drake.

"Nicki,Why aren't You Dressed Casual" Drake Asked.Drake was in the Suit and Tie He Had on in the Moment 4 Life Video. "I Don't Want to Mess up My Dress On the Flight So Wake Me Up an Hour Before the Plane Lands So I Can Change." Nicki Said "OK But I Have to Give You Something" Drake Said Giving Her Two Boxes.

One Box Had a Necklace that Had The Initials OTM and ADG Carved into it Which Stands For Onika Tanya Maraj and Aubrey Drake Graham.The Second Box Had a Pair of Earings That Was in the Shape of the Eiffel Tower (Which is In Paris,France)."OMG Drake Thank You!" Nicki Said Starting to Cry."We Have To Get Going" Nicki Said Putting Her New Necklace and New Earings in Her Carry-on.Drake Help Nicki Put Her Suitcase and Carry-on in the Trunk."So We Going to New York then Toronto?" Nicki Asked "Yep" Nicki Answered.

Nicki Didn't Know ??? Was Hiding in Her Bushes and Overhead that She Was Going To New York So She Called Remy Ma to Help Her. She Was Thinking of Doing Something Evil and Had More Than Enough Time.

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