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Lil Kim vs. Nicki Minaj (a Nicki Minaj Fanfic) Chapter 8

They Got To The Airport And Got on Drake Private Jet to Go New York and Drake Woke up Nicki An Hour Before The Plane Would Land So She Could Get Dressed.


Nicki Came Out of The Bathroom With a Pink Strapless Dress, Smokey Eyeliner, Pink 6 inch High Heeled Shoes, She Had On The Necklace, and Eiffel Tower Earings Drake Gave Her and Her Engagement Ring Drake Gave Her That Was 20 Carrots and The Dress Stopped Right Below Her Butt.She Also Had On a Charm Bracelet and Fake Eyelashes and a Pink Thong.

"Damn Nic, You Look Sexy" Drake Said "Oh,Thanks" Nicki Said Blushing Feeling a bit Embarrassed

Their Was a Long Silence Until Nicki Broke it When the Plane Landed by Saying "I Remember Going to LaGuardia Performing Arts High School and the Airport is Called LaGuardia Airport. Isn't That Funny." "Yeah it is" Drake Said Busy On His Phone. Then They Got Their Things and Made Their Way Towards The Limousine Waiting For While Trying to Avoid Paparazzi and Sceaming Fans Running Towards Them.

The Limo Driver Was Nicki Best Friend Safaree "SB(Scaff Beezy" Samuels and Then They Got to Nicki Parents House in Queens NY and Told Nicki Mom, Carol Maraj, Her Dad, Robert Maraj, and Her Brother McKaya Maraj She Was Engaged To Drake and They all Congratulated Her and Then They Went Back To LaGuardia Airport and Nicki Said Bye to Safaree and Got Back Onto Drake Private Jet and Took off Her Heels and Put on those Pink Gllittery Flip Flops.


Drake Woke Up Nicki So She Can Change Again.


When Nicki Came Out Of The Bathroom, She Had On The Same Jewerly, The Engagement Ring, and Black Smokey Make-up Eyeliner and Had On a White Alexander McQueen Dress That Stopped Mid-thigh and Had On 7 inch White High Healed Boots That Stopped Right Below The Knee and a White Thong and a White Bra Underneath and Her Nails and Toenails Were Still Painted Pink.She Also Changed to Hoop Earings.

And Nicki Had Bought a Curly Iron to Curly Her Lace Front Wig and Luckly There Was an Outlet To Plug in the Curly Iron and the Wig Went Half way Down Her Back.

In 8 Minutes, the Jet Pulled into Toronto Airport and the Limo Took us to Drake Mother House in Toronto, Canada and Drake Introduced His Mother to Nicki and Said They Were Engaged and Sandy Graham, His Mother, Congratulated Them Both. They Left to Go Back to Toronto Airport to Go Back to L.A.

Nicki Slept The Whole Flight Back then they Grabbed all their Things and Got in the Limousine to Go to Nicki House. Drake Came inside With Nicki But Then Nicki Realized........

To Be Continued....

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