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How to Add Pictures to Your "About Me" Section of Your My Pink Friday Profile

There Are Ways You Can Add Pictures to Your About Me of and I Will tell you Two of Them.

To Upload From TinyPic

1. Google Search or Yahoo! Search

2. Once you Get there, Browse through Your File Where You Keep Your photos and Choose the one you Want to Upload to

3.Then You Press "Upload Now" and then a picture will pop up and letters will be on that picture you'll have to Copy the Letters on the picture and another "Upload Now" Button Will Pop up and you press it.

4.Then all These Codes Will Be on the Screen (HTML,Email,etc.) You Have to Copy the HTML Code.

5.Go back to and go to your Dashboard. Press "Profile" and Go to Your "About Me" Section.Then,Type in the HTML Code You Copied and Press "Edit" and There You Have,a Beautiful Picture(s) on Your About Me Section.

I'm Not Really Sure How You Do it On but I will try My Best Explaining

To Upload From Photobucket

1.Google Search or Yahoo! Search

2.Once Your There,Press "Upload" Which Has a Green Box Next to it.

3.Then Browse Through Your File for a Photo You Want To Upload.

4.Then Do The Same Steps For as Steps 4 and 5 When Uploading From TinyPic.

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