Tue, Apr 3, 2012 at 4:45 AM

Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded !

Is finally out *breathes slowly* ! And imma be da first one at the FUCKING store wen the sun comes up frfr like dead ass Seriouz!!! This album is so important to me... No scratch that to us 'BARBZ' . Nicki* has came a long way and she has nobody to thank for it but GOD, the BARBZ, and the people that supported her along the way. The BARBZ are by her side well almost as much as SB *lol* and we love her. But overall I'm just really excited ive been waiting for this for over a year and it's a really BIG THING *pauz* I mean I havent seen an album get this much HYPE this much BUZZ well since...... since NEVER ! And it's only a sophomore... talk about being on your grind ! I can't wait to fully meet Roman and get well acquainted with him *laughz* I already know I'm gonna fall in love with every song jus like on Pink Friday!... Speaking of Pink Friday I can't wait to buy this next album and give it a friend because it's getting kinda lonely lol. I'm jus so happy to get it and so happy for Nicki* she's my ICON I look up to her so much ! I want t-shirts n everything, to see her in concert get her autograph! But my real dream is to one day meet the QUEEN and if I do for those few moments I'm gonna be HIGHER THAN A MUTHA-FUCKA ! Lolxz and LUCKY NO ! *BLESSED* !!!!!!!!!! #ITSPINKFRIDAYhoe... #TeamMinaj STAND UP !!!!! (THE F+(< UP !!!!!!) [mrgreen

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