Sun, Apr 15, 2012 at 9:25 PM


Evidently we've made *Mother Barbie* pretty mad you BARBZ she deleted her twitter ! Apparently some of her followers were being negative toward her and leaked one of her songs ! Which I kinda see why she did cuz if they were then they aren't real BARBZ like ME and probably deserved it. For all who didnt know Nicki* had over 11m. Followers (more than Eminem) and she was following like 1,000 BARBZ . First Keyshia Cole deletes hers now THE QUEEN ! She's put us on punishment you guys (well some of us) and she says it all the time were too spoiled n yea we kinda are ! I heard that her Facebook page is next like 18m. Are on there and it *might*? Be true because it hasn't been updated n over a week soooo??? ! Regardless of what some people might do or think I LOVE NICKI* and I will never stop she's awesome ! Hopefully this is only temporary, but *MOTHER BARBIE* has reason behind everything she does sssssoooooooo??? ! I mean she gives us an ANAZING album and this is how she gets treated *so sad* F-BOMB to all who were being negative toward Nicki* !
#TeamMinaj #TM4LYFE #Nationofpinkslam #romanempire #ITSPINKFRIDAYhoe #ItsBarbieBitch ! #NICKICOMEBACK plzzzzz ! :(: #NICKIYOUARELOVED !
sn: Honestly I support Nicki* with or without twitter she's the BEST !

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