Thu, Jun 13, 2013 at 9:48 PM

Stupid Twitter Issues

Ok so if u havent seen my most used account is @NickiDaOne and for some reason twitter was acting up and logged me off. Now ive had issues logging onto this account and i NEVER sign out because if i do then i wont be able to sign back in. And before this one barb wanted my password so she could get into my account and change my header and aiv so i gave her it to just make her happy and she totally screwed it over and i lost all my pictures and she changed the email to the account. Well since she did this i cant change the password to get logged back in. Now Nic was following me and i was RT 2 times on that account and had over 2000 followers on that account. So now im not able to log back in and all of that is gone!!! :(( :( :( :( it horrible PLEASE HELP ME BY FOLLOWING THE ACCOUNT @NICKILOVEINFO (The account is accualy a social account and not a bunch of information)
~ Thank u soooo much for reading this and have a blessed day MUAHHH

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