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Hello, my name is Jazmyn. I love Nicki Minaj (Obviously). I take care of my family and responsibilities and my love for Nicki. I can Sing, rap, dance, and go hard like Nicki. I stay real wid you, even if you the most hateful bitch in the world. I dress to impress, and look my best every single day making people look my way, and excusing all the haters cuz they lookin sideways.

Now Here is my story of how I knew about my Onika Tanya Maraj.

The first time I heard of Nicki was When I heard her song “Kill the DJ”. I was like “Ayyye that’s live!!”
So after that I went and looked for more songs on the album, which I , soon Found out was called “Beam Me Up Scotty”.
I loved every single song on there. Now, I went and researched her, finding out about her Bio, where she came from, and how she got into the game. I was so amazed by her story. I’ve Never been so interested in an artist before. And before I knew it, I was obsessed with her. Already! I looked up some more of her albums, and listened to some of her street tapes. She had the true talent!
And Now she has made it so far in just a short amount of time, coming out with new singles and albums, fragrances, and now they even had to have my girl as a judge on American Idol!! So proud of Nicki!!!

Love you Boo 

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Now here are some Pictures Of Nick. Hope you Enjoy;)

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    omg i love yur page boo <3 <3 soo creative and yes, know that your beautiful thats what momzie (nicki, lol ,I call her momzie) wants us to know...mwahh

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    Just goin thru Driving Again Boo dats bout imma Graduate Barb (Boy) lol no more school 4 me hmu doeee lets talk

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    Thanks Mine isn't half as good as yours cuz i don't have many pics or anything else on it cuz i don't do social media anymore hope having a good day MSG me when ever

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