Sat, Apr 28, 2012 at 3:18 AM

Hatin on Nicki.

So ummmm Im really pisssed rite now. People need to stop talking shit, if they aint got notin nice to say, dont say it. so this was on facebook look at and it made me sick too.

Lucas Huff: wtf did I just watch? O.o
8 hours ago · Like
Shawn Dolan: Hurry! Kill it! Kill it with fire! Quickly now!
7 hours ago · Like
Elizabeth Perez: ?-gets cancer
7 hours ago · Like
Abby Rodriguez: hate her
7 hours ago · Like
Nancy Lee: ooh...yuck
7 hours ago · Like
Ellery Familia: Great club song, but someone please cover up her unappealing and disproportionate behind
7 hours ago · Like
Rich Mingi: Bing, give that woman some Dilantin
7 hours ago · Like
James A. Lindberg: BARF. BARF...BARF!!!!
7 hours ago · Like
Conrad Plasencia: She's doing what GaGa did, which copied Madonna.. God, it wont stop.
7 hours ago · Like
Ikechu Kwu: I like her a bit but she is so damn NASTY. NO HIDING THAT FACT
6 hours ago · Like
Tony Coby: HMMM? I guess the video is badly needed as this song really sucks!! i mean REALLY ??? SOARING LOL!! what a joke- nice try it did get me to watch it...
6 hours ago · Like
Jenifer Ashleigh: Jones Haters gonna hate
5 hours ago · Like
Janice Walston: Taitano YUK!!!!!!!!!!!!

And then i posted this:

For yo goddamn information, Nicki Minaj is the best, You need to stop hatin on her really, while yall up here making all these rude ass comments, yall dont know half of it. yall just wish yall had what she had and are are just being hatefull. GO GET A FCKIN LIFEE.......>;\

So yeah .........

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