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Drama Shit That Happened Last Nite! TMR & PFR

Ok so Basically last nite was a hot ass mess! First off it was going so well with the first episode of PFR!!! Got me cryin, and feeling so emotional, especially with the previous events that happened this week to me. So last nite's first show of PFR Cheered me up a lot and made me feel better. Well during the first show of PFR, TMR was holding a show too. So when PFR was over I tuned in to the last bit of TMR cuz Nicki was on it, and I just wanted to hear what TMR was like. And some Bitch was on the phone talking bout some drama shit while Nicki was on there! Like that was so disrespectful and rude to Nicki! And the tone in Nicki's voice!!! Basically the tone I could sense in Nicki's voice was like: I don't wanna hear this. Like why am I listening to this? this unnecessary BS. I called in to have fun and talk to my Barbz not for more drama.

I felt so bad for Nicki! Then after TMR was over Nicki came on here and posted 2 blogs:

She also deleted the blog about PFR that she posted last week!

Then PFR had another show at 12:00 AM Central Time. What that show basically was held for, was so the ppl who were brought into the drama shit on TMR could call in to PFR and explain their side of the story. And also so other Barbz n Kenz could call in and explain how they feel about this whole situation!

All I gotta say is I'm very disappointed/frustrated at the ppl on TMR who let this go on and had Nicki listen to that. Because they ruined everything for all the good Barbz who are positive and stay drama free and all that.

I also want to know what was goin through that bitch's head while she was explaining all this drama shit on TMR. Like did she even stop to think twice that Nicki doesn't wanna hear stuff about this anymore?! Like that's what I don't understand.

Anywayz Thanx for reading this blog, and if you could plz go read these blogs too:

Know any other good blogs let me know? Basically the ones I linked are important ones that I think should be read if you're really True Team Minaj and here for Nicki!!!!!

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    On Mon, Sep 12, 2011 at 7:10 AM, AndyMinaj93 said:

    Wow! thats insane! is there any way i can hear the part where Nicki was on it? I wanna hear! and im upset too! :'( Im a good fan of hers. I don't go that far at all when it comes to drama about Nicki! you made some points!

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