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It's so strange how someone you don't even know personally, can be such a huge impact in your life. It's so strange how you can relate soo much to what someone has gone through. Growing up in a West Indian Household (Grenadian & Jamaican Descent) is hard & Nicki shows her fans You can follow your dreams through any circumstances. I think i watched about every Nicki Minaj Interview EVER in youtube History. In the summertime staying up until 7a.m. watching videos. I was so intriguied because i felt like that was ME. People today need to REALIZE and UNDERSTAND no matter what Nicki does from here on out SHE IS MAKING HISTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So all the Haters & non-believers need embrace this movement because when your kids ask you 'who is Nicki Minaj?' ..if you were a HATER your going to feel dumb explaining. I feel Like Everything Nicki Does/Says (except cursing Lmbo) is something i would totally do. Its so funny how her nickname is 'Nicki' and so is mine. My name is Nicole & guess what my last name is? 'Romans' . Lol i feel so connected w/ Nicki in so many ways, dats my niggggggaaaa. Belee dat. Lol. But this website is definetly a GOOOOOO. im on here EVERY SINGLE DAY. & this update is soooo POPPIN. I love it how Nicki says she doesnt feel like a CELEB & I can totally understand her. It's Like me & her have the same mind frame. LOL. but She's doing what she wants to do, just like if you wanted a job soo bad & you worked hard to get it & you finally get it and is mad successful, why should she want to feel like a High Class Hollywood chick. Anyway Shout out to SB for holdin Nicki down since 4eva. Lol.Hopefully one day i can meet Nicki & be one of her mad cool Friends. ( In my dreams) hahaha. but I love yall! follow me on twitter. @nickiromans CHYEAAAAAAAA!

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    theres so much else i wanted to write on here but the way i feel is hard to express through writing, it's so easier if i SAY IT. HEY im a freakin Libra!!

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    "I came to save a thing called female rap." - Nicki

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