Tue, Apr 17, 2012 at 1:36 AM

Dear Nicki Please Come Back!!!

GOD I HOPE SHE READS THIS....Everyday, it never fails da first thng I do wen I wake up wuz check your tweets l, see wat MOTHER BARB wuz tweetn .lol. U were the only celeb I wuz following on twitter, u would have me laughn and crackn up on da floor at ur tweets. #TeamMinaj, We're a family and wen I found out u deleted ur twitter my heart dropped in my stomach, it felt like dat main piece to da team wuz missing. Nicki I love u, ur music and da got dam smile, I have been a fan since da beginning of the MIXTAPES and NOW, hell I even have a portrait of u on my back, idgaf wat type of music u put out I'm gonna love it, IDGAF IF U GO JOIN DA DAMN KIZZ BAND I'm still gonna fuckn love NICKI MINAJ, I understand dat u love ur craft and I truly believe u put heart in it for us and I even love u more for dat, PLZ CUM BACK TO TWITTER NIC, WERE LOST W/O U! *salutes the QUEEN #TeamMinaj #TheRomanEmpire #BARBZ*......GODMOTHER WUZ RIGHT, THIS IS WORLD WAR 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love yah HB!


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