Mon, Jul 18, 2011 at 6:49 PM

Best Dream Ever..

Okay so lemme tell yall about this damn dream I had the other night. I remember certain details but some of it I don't. Me, Nelly, Cashley, Zany, Bonquesha, PBK, Ryan, Shawna, and a few other people (I can't remember everyone specifically but I know there were these 3 really pretty blonde white girls! One was SUPER tall lol) were Nicki's dancers on the PF tour! Omg there was like 30 of us! ALL Team Minaj! When I say we had a fuckin' BALL on this we were the SHIT! The Kenbarbz were soooo hilarious! Okay lemme tell yall about
Cashley- THIS one right HERE was CONSTANTLY pullin PRANKS on everybody! I'm talkin bout durin' rehearsals, on the tour bus, even backstage durin SHOWS! lol She literally had us all on edge cuz we neva knew when her little ass was gonna pop up dressed as a big as spider or some really...she took pranking to anotha level in this damn dream lol
Nelly- Nelly was like that maternal figure that we ALL needed on the tour. She was the one who let Cashley know about herself most of the time lol I specifically remember her sayin' "No really if Cashely's ass pops us from outta this gahtdamn bathroom stall im slappin' EVERYBODY. Today is NAWT the day. -_-" lmaoooo When it came down to everybody bein' on time and on point with EVERYTHING, Nellz was no joke. She kept niggas in check. I think Nic assigned you "Captian" or some shit...Good job Nerly :)
Zany- Laaaaaawd this chile literally was in the mirror practicin' her moves from the BEGINNING to the END of my dream. lol A definite perfectionist. She ould be like "Guys let's go over the Super Bass choreo one more time" and we would be like "GWORL! How many times we gon DO it!?" lmaooo Zany was cute. She REFUSED to mess up onstage.
Ryan & PBK- The KenBarbz!!!! There were more of them but these two I remember SPECIFICALLY. They KILLED it! These niggas was movin' better than US! lol They brought so much life to the entire experience and KEPT us laughing. Cashley played pranks on THEM the most lol
Me, Shawna, and Bonquesha - Soooo let's just say us three got in trouble by Nic the most. lol Idk what the hell our problem was but we STAYED in we were dope ass dancers but for some reason Nic and the chorographer (her name was Tasha!) were ALWAYS sayin' "Tiff, Shawna, Bonquesha...shut UP." *shrugs* I still havent figured it out but I DO know, we were always together. lol
Okay so the shit that stuck out the MOST in this dream was one particular night (idk what city we were in) we had a reeeeeally long day and we were all so tired when showtime came. So we're all backstage while Nic's opening act is performing just chillin (Zany's in the mirror of course lol) talkin, and Cashley says "Fuck...yall I'm so hungry. I literally haven't had shit but a bag of M&M's today" And we all start sayin' how we've barely had time to eat since rehearsals have been super long lately...I jokingly said " Nicki starvin' us n shit.." Shawna was like "right she prolly got a big ass plate of wings in her dressing room right now..smashin them shits" We all laughed hahaha and it was over..we started stretchin' got ready for the opening number. Show went great, we killed it as usual. Idk who's hometown we were in but it was someone's cuz we all went out to the lobby after the show to meet someone's family. Anyways, SB comes and finds Nelly and tells her to round all of us up cuz Nicki wants to talk to us in her dressing room. We think nothin of it. We all meet up and walk together to her dressing room to find her sitting with her back turned to us, facing her mirror, but she was looking down like she was...upset. So SB says "Nic, they're here" She looks up at us through the mirror and says "Oh...well if it isn't the little orphan dancers." We all look at each other confused as hell like "huh?" Cashley laughs and Nic gave her the look of DEATH lol She turns around and says, "You know what, imma get straight to the point. Yall know how many dancers auditioned to be on this tour. Yall know. But i chose to give the talented members of MY TEAM this opportunity. And to hear that yall don't appreciate it really pisses me off. I STARVE you guys? Really? What the fuck is THAT?" She literally stared at each and everyone of us as if we just ran over her puppy. Like, the look on her face was..idk. Nelly interjected to say "Nic that was NOT what was said...we were jokin around sayin' how we've barely ate these past few days because we'd been working so hard and.." Nic interrupts Nelly..."YOU'VE been working hard!? I have too! I eat when I CAN. Okay? And half the time I'm missin' meals because i'm comin' over to check on YOU guys. Makin' sure YALL are doin' okay. So I'm sorry if I'm not shovin' mashed potatoes n shit down your throats (pauz) every 5 seconds but there are sacrafices that we ALL have to make while on tour. But don't be sittin' up in the gahtdamn dressin' room complaining and feeling sorry for yourselves because you're "working hard". *silence* Shawna speaks up..."okay so Nic who told you this? Cuz obviously it was someone who was in the dressing room who twisted our words tryna start shit." Nicki stands "It doesn't matter. Just know it hurts to know that you guys dont think I care about you." SB interjects "Yeah yall fucked up wit that, that's mad shady to even THINK that but to SAY it?" *shakes his head* Nicki turns away from us..."You know what I'm tired, I don't even wanna talk about it guys just leave. Enjoy your day off tomorrow. Make sure you EAT" *extremely sarcastic voice* We leave, in silence, feeling like PURE SHIT. When we get back to that dressing room...ALL. HELL. BREAKS. LOOSE. ****************
Aight my hands are tired but there is MORE to this dream...this shit was LONG! lol Like I said it was a good dream except for the bullshit so don't worry...shit gets Imma tell yall the rest a lil later! ;)

  1. MinajTriniRican avatar

    On Tue, Jul 19, 2011 at 3:54 AM, MinajTriniRican said:

    lmaooo I was pissin yoooo...It so real, I woulda woken scared as shit lol

  2. DynamiicDreek avatar

    On Mon, Jul 18, 2011 at 9:07 PM, DynamiicDreek said:

    danq dhat wuz goooodd u shuld b a writer or a movie directer or sumn kuz dhat wuz good

  3. BonQuesha_TM avatar

    On Mon, Jul 18, 2011 at 9:00 PM, BonQuesha_TM said:

    OMN!!!!!!! I am LITERALLY on the edge of my fuckin seat lmfao I NEED THE REST lmao this dream seemed soooo real while I was reading it...LAWD lmao

  4. johnellnika avatar

    On Mon, Jul 18, 2011 at 8:47 PM, johnellnika said:

    Wait but I'm HERE for your dream being similar to who I REALLY am...I would be like Cash till it was time to get down to work...I'm here for this dream!! But I want the rest of it cuz...

  5. JocieCakes avatar

    On Mon, Jul 18, 2011 at 8:46 PM, JocieCakes said:

    Y'all hoes made Nic mad! lmfao

  6. johnellnika avatar

    On Mon, Jul 18, 2011 at 8:39 PM, johnellnika said:

    Long ass blog -_- *reads it because I'm in it* :D xoxoxo

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