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I've been a Nicki Minaj's barb for about 4 years. I just found out about the page since 8 months. Nicki Minaj inspires me. Her videos, pictures, and songs are sooooooo fetch. When I'm not feeling too good, I turn on my Barbie Boom Box and listen to her good songs. Then again ALL of Nicki's songs are AMAZING!
I'm the only person that I know whose a barb. Most of my friends don't like her, but i just respond with a quick: "Hiimronideutch", but they never understand what that means.
Nicki Minaj is unique. Thats what makes her NICKI. People who don't like her are crazy, stupid, Strawberry Shortcakes.
A couple of days ago, I bought both of Nicki's fragrances: Minajesty, and Pink Friday. I also have her Pink and Lavendar MAC Lipstick. It has always been my dream to meet and go to one of Nicki's concerts (I've never been to one).

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