Mon, Aug 20, 2012 at 4:18 PM

Why pick on Nicki for????

Okaay so why the fuck do people think its okaay to start picking on our girl for??? So what if she couldnt make it to the v festival....not being funny but like she said she had a HEALTH issue and its something that she couldnt help.....i think you would rather her be healthy and well than feeling like shit bless her!!!! And then you get people saying she should have still gone and lip synced....well if she would have done that she would have still been getting shit so she cant really win can she???? Im so sick of people thinking its okaay to sit there and act like dicks towards her she has done nothing wrong....all she ever does is tries her best to keep her fans happy but if she has a health issue then the true fans will understand.....if your gonna be sitting there saying shit about her obviously aint a true fan!!!! And then to top it of they making it out like she was cursing her fans....hmmmm now i looked through every tweet she put about it and i can see anything of her cursing her fans....all i can see if her being apologetic (which btw she shouldnt be because she cant help it) and saying how much she loves us and how much she hates disappointing if someone could give me the evidence of her actually cursing her fans please do because it seems like a load of bullshit it how blogs get a kick out of making people feel like shit!!!! Dont worry though Nicki baby you no your true fans love you no matter what and we understand why you couldnt make it you shouldnt be saying sorry to anyone because it isnt your fault.....i hope you feel better soon mama and make sure you get a lot of rest dont worry what the haters say they are just jelous because you are so frekon epic!!!!!!! Haha :) Im sure i speak for all the TRUE FANS by saying all this.....and sorry if this feels like a rant but i needed to get it ok my chest because im sick of people putting our girl down!!!!!! I love youu Nicki along with all your other precious fans who totally adore you and worship the ground you walk on :)
Muuuaaahhh......(xx) *Barbiee loveagee to the barbz/kenbarbz/ladybugs/lambchops and our queen Onika Tanya Maraj* (xx)

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