Sat, Oct 13, 2012 at 5:06 PM

Baby barb/kenbarb on the way!!!!

Okaay so for the barbz and kenbarbz that do not no i have a beautiful bubba on the way....i am only 10 weeks pregnant but already had my first scan and my baby is perfectly fine and growing the way it should be. I seriously cant believe i have a little person growing inside me....and that little person is going to be my son or daughter its so weird!!! If any of you barbz would like to see my scan picture and read about everything im going through i have started a blog that i will carry on through my pregnancy....adding pictures and all the information i want to share so please check it out and let me no what you think, heres the link;

Muuuaaahhh.....(xx) *Barbiee loveagee* (xx)

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