Wed, Mar 2, 2011 at 2:08 AM

Barbz/kenbarbz rap by mini minaj:D

Yea we barbies but we not fake
we go hard all the time we'll dround u bums in a lake
u mess with one u mess with all
u can try all u wont but we will never fall
trust me you dont wanna try us
cuz we keep at u till u turn to dust
u think u bad u think u ballen
but u anit doen nun but fallen
u had yo 2 mins. of fame
but the whole thing was really sorrta lame
now it's the Queens turn let ha shine
and trust me she will beat yo time
running round here thinking u the best
but guess whos sitting at the golden desk!

all love goes out to a special barb that is *mini minaj:D* she wrote this little rap that describes us barbz/kenbarbz so i thought i would put this on my blog jus to pay respect to her and show her how much i love it.....muuaahh is barbie bitch && pink friday how

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