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  1. Sun, Nov 28, 2010 at 10:56 PM

    Which One ? Old Nicki or New Nicki?

    Me I Perfer New Nicki Dont Get Me Wrong Old Nicki Was THEE Ish Too But ii Wanna YOUR Opioin ! Catergories: Old Nicki - Jump Off, Freaky Girl, Still Standing, Autobiography. AnyBody Hear Meh? New Nicki - Blazin', Romans Revenge, Moment 4 Liife , right thru me Comment . reply etc Its BARBIE BITCH

  2. Sun, Nov 28, 2010 at 10:31 PM

    Don't Get It CONFUSED !

    Im Tired Of People Thinking Because I IDOL Nicki Minaj That I'm NASTY . Or I Want Too Be Plastic ! Noo ! Boo Dont Get It Confused ! I am No WE HB and HK's Know What We Want and IDOL ! Scuse Meh ? Doo You See Any Other Rapper Getting as Much Play as NICKI I mean Fans ! [HB'S/HK'S] and Ya BEEN a Fan shortcakes Noo And Yes Rapper ! Im Not Discrimanting Male and...

  3. Okay ! Soo I want too Know How A "BEEN a Fan" and a PLAYED Out Rapper THINK they Cann Talk ish About Minaj ? Scuse Meh ? Na Roger THIS! I think Team Minaj Should come out and STATE the FACTS and Nicki Never Said She "STARTED RAP" She Opened DOORS ! (: You Been Fan And U a has been Roger Dhat cause we aint rogering Back ~ We Dont Beef Cause we...

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