Sat, Jul 16, 2011 at 6:25 AM

What Else is Better!!! Nothin

Man , I got A random call dismorning saying " You won Nicki ticket's " Smh I was like nawww You Bullshittin lmao Dude Was like NO , I'm Not smh I was stuck in all the way shocked O_o..Smh till I got dem tickets in my hand Lol man I started doing the Hammer Dance , urkle too ..Lol BOYYYYYY!!! Smh I neva thought I could Win stuf But this was Truly A blessing Smh man I'm still in shock & my seats was hella Close Mannnnnnnnnnnnn. I've Met nicki before But damn I would've never thought I'll get this Close twice in my Life #RealTalk .. I Fucking Love You NICKI & Yes Babe You Shut New Orleans DOWN & my Voice!!! XD for those who Never Won anything like this Smh man When there's A will , there's A way in everything is Possible ppl Just believe it SERIOUSLY...I'm still happy hours later =D

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