Thu, May 31, 2012 at 7:45 AM

The Loss Of One of Nicki's fans.

It is so sad to hear the new of the way Nicola Furlong lost her life in Japan. Form report two of Nicki's dances, not form her core group (by that I mean the were some low level dancers, that was hired just for the few shows for the Japan leg of the tour) Anyway the two dances most likely taking advantage of saying we dance for Nicki, calls themselves taking to young girls separately either to their rooms or where ever they took it upon themselves to take them, poor Nicola lost her young live, because some guy saw what her thought was an opportunity to take advantage of a girl not quit in her right mind I'm sure, and have his way with her and it went even more worng. My she Rest In Perfect Peace, and may he not have peace of mind for the rest of his life.

Now when I saw this report on media take out dot com it really took me back, not be cause it was a Barb, but because this was a young girl just out with her friend to see a concert and have some fun with her friend, and she wont live to see another day, her family and friend will not be able to hear her laugh or hear her talk about how much she loves Nicki and how much fun she had at the concert. That could have been anyones family member that I know, one of mine even. How many of these stories do we not hear of. Moments of fun turn to tragedy in an instant smh, just sad.

I don't clam to know all the facts because I told you my source o_0. So just know I sympathize with the situation another life lose unnecessarily. Nicki expressed her sadness around 2:41am NY time I'm sure when she learned of the loss of this young life saying:
"Saddened to learn one of my precious fans; found tragically murdered in Japan. My love & prayers are with the family of Nicola "
Very sad News.

P.S: Nicki has said contrary to what MTO reported:
"my dancers had nothing to do w/this tragedy. No one in my entourage was questioned or arrested. They all flew home from Japan" and @PerezHilton that person on your sight is NOT my dancer. We do NOT know the men in custody. Too much misleading information.

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    On Thu, Dec 6, 2012 at 11:09 AM, MariaSarahLB said:

    That is sad :( rip nicola.

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