Mon, Jun 10, 2013 at 5:53 PM


Hi y'all!! So, since yesterday I couldn't login in on twitter on my computer & I thought it was cuz the computer had some kind of problem HOWEVER, today I tried to login on my iPad & it didn't work & I was like freaking the fuck out cuz I didn't want to lose that twitter account cuz Nicki follows & I discovered that the problem was that I didn't confirm my email & that twitter account kind of didn't exist anymore so I just freak the fuck out but then someone just said to me to try to put my phone number & it finally worked -.-
So here's one lesson from this story: Try everything you can possible try, no matter how long you take.
I hope it never happens to you cuz I was REALLY freaking out, like words can't explain!! Anywaaayyysss... God bless y'all XOXO!!

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