Mon, Oct 14, 2013 at 6:28 AM

My Mommy :(

- Happy Birthday to My mommy Today you would have been 35 and counting but I Guess it was unfortunate for you.. During the years I've learned to disregard you're going and how much I cried for you, but now I'm happy. I'm happy for me and you, knowing you're no longer in pain and hurt and all that other stuff. Today I would've tried my best any way I could of to get you something special as I did the years before. But, I know you see me now and you see how much I've grown how much 2 years has done to me and i set out to do better than what I thought.. Now I'm in my junior year one more year till im off to college and I know if you were here you would be so proud. I hate that you can't see me graduate and That would have been the best moment of my life .. Smh So many times I question god & ask why? Why my mom? Why so soon? Why so much Hurt on my soul? But over time I've learned to not stress myself out on everything and that has gotten me far... Remembering at times brings tears but, I can handle them And I know you cared so much for me. If you didn't that wouldn't have been the last you said and since then that moment where you barely conscience and able to look at me that killed me that I was there when you were no longer here.. Ugh.. Smh, I miss you so much if only people could understand that your mom is your Jewel she's your #1 she cares for you more than you think And w.e the case may be She will always be there for you regardless... & I just wanna say Mommy that no matter what if I could see you again I would cry out tears eternally cause even through my shell this love was too powerful and once your light stop shining I stopped glimmering.. cause without you I felt like nothing.. You and me were against the world but I guess it's up to me now to continue Just know where ever you are I love you soooooooooo so so very much.. I wish you were still here making me laugh like you used to how and How much I stressed over you.. I couldn't take it.. But what could I have done? Smh, times like this I wished you were back in my life. But, Happy Birthday Mommy I Love you I know your somewhere better .. R.I.P 10.14.78 - 05.17.12

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