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We can cover our faces with a beautiful smile. We can be really ratchet but do you know who we really are?
We can't stop being funny because it's our personality you'd think that the sun shine around us but we live in the darkness. Life haven't been a piece of cake for a lot of us. Don't judge people if you don't know who they really are. It is not because they look like a model, are rich or that they have the most beautiful smile means that they are ok.
This heartache, the pain that the body is carrying is too heavy. We have to smile with a sore heart. We feel like we're in prison and that there is no way out, hunt the pain and it won't go away because the problem is still there and it is destroying our being everyday a little more.
The walls are so high we can't jump over. Try and try to find a door and can't find it. Ask for help and people don't care, don't understand and take it as a normal thing. And there is where we understand that we have to stand up and fight alone, fight our fears, fight because it's our fight. So we start to search for an other solution find one to then find out that it will fail again. The world is closing in on us and that is when we think its the end. But a thought come in our mind and says 'Don't stop fighting you can make it if you believe you can'. As soon as we stand back up the fight becomes more complicated and things are getting worse and we'd say 'what is wrong? why is this so hard? I try everything I can but nothing works'. So we become selfish, try to take the easy way and forget that life is the best thing that God gave us. The questions that we ask the most are 'Why me? What have I done? When will there be an end to this?'.
Nothing really works everything we try we fail. But we are strong. Why can't we let go even thought we want to so bad? The pain lasts for years and we still think there is a way out. We still believe that we can still finish this fight. We still believe that we can find HAPPINESS AND FREEDOM.

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