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Nicki Minaj Live in Dubai

Nicki Minaj will have her 1st concert in Dubai (the largest city in the country of United Arab Emirates, or UAE) on December 28, 2012. It will be held at Meydan Racecourse by Dubai-based Alchemy Project, the organizers behind the concerts. In July of 2012, Nicki took to Twitter confirming that she would visit Dubai by tweeting, "We're making a stop in Dubai. Yaay!". The concert was suppose to take place in October, but it was pushed back to December for unknown reasons.


Nicki's Message to Dubai

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Nicki's Interview

Important info from interview:
I think it’s cool I really don’t have an issue with being compared to Lady Gaga.

Mariah Carey we are two adult women and we had a disagreement, not that big a deal. I think the world has made it into a bigger deal than it really is.

Of course. I’ll wear an outfit and regret it the next day, all the time.

I’ll ring in the New Year in Vegas with my friends

Then I’ll get started really quickly on my clothing line which will come out next year.

Then I’ll started working on my third album, which I am really excited for. It’ll be out hopefully soon.

I’ll also be shooting my second video for the Re-Up album which I just put out. We might do a new video for I am Legit or High School so that’s something that’ll be fun.


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