Sun, May 29, 2011 at 2:28 PM

Be Like Nicki (in your own way)

I think we should all take a lesson or two from Nicki.. Se is such a confident woman who knows what she is doing.. this is something that it think everyone needs.. she is also very unique.. there's only one Nicki Minaj. I think that we should also try to be very unique.. Nicki is also an amazing fashion icon so we should all try to look to her for guidence (but not be clones because as i said there is only one Nicki Minaj.... its also really amazing how many people look up to her and how many people she has helped through her music and her existance.. So lets all take some lessons from Nicki and be Confident Unique Talented and also look amazing..

P.S these are just my views of what i see Nicki as.

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