Wed, Nov 30, 2011 at 3:31 AM

Tricks Of The Light

It’s raining again,
soaking your skin with pain
and the rainbows pretend,
looking like hope
in the faraway sky you reach for.
Try to touch them
and you’ll soon find that you can’t.

Nothing but sunlight
playing on moisture.
A mirage so pretty
but a mirage all the same.
Prettiness is emptiness sometimes,
and friendly laughter
can take on a mocking air so fast.

Feel the whirlpool of your mind
dragging you under.
So easy to drown in the misery of the past
as if the misery of the present
doesn’t hurt enough.

You imagine the rainbows reflected in your tears
but the light doesn’t reach that far,
cannot penetrate the darkness
of loneliness
that surrounds your aching heart.

No warmth to comfort you
as you tremble with cold.
No love to embrace you
as isolation rubs salt in your wounds
and reality takes another bite
out of the faith within your soul.

Now the sun is lost within a storm cloud;
fresh problems on their way,
sent to break you.
The rain falls harder
and the rainbows vanish from view.
The disappointment of loss
is nothing new to you.

Dejected, neglected, rejected,
you prepare for another long night alone,
suffering nightmares only to find
you’ve been awake all the time.

Too easy to give your mind over
to depression and despair
but winter never lasts forever.

Tomorrow the sun may shine brighter;
could even reach out to you,
take the shadows that have kept you
confined for so long,
and cast them aside.

Not all dreams
are made to be broken,
and not all beautiful things
are tricks of the light

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