Thu, Jan 12, 2012 at 8:23 PM


Lil' kim makes no sense! I feel like lil kim had a chance to break records that nicki broke. she's jealous because nicki minaj is beautiful, uses big words, she's not illiterate. lil kim just mad because nicki minaj is hot right now and will never die down! nicki minaj has sex appeal and needs no type of surgery to make her look good! lil kim is jus trash and plastic! Why cant she give nicki her props instead of hatin on the next bitch? All these records that nicki broke in this short time span is crazy good!! lil kim had the opportunity to do the same thing, but didn't know how to use her power, you know why? because she's dumb! Nicki did take her spot and im pissed because lil kim thinks that it was all peaches and cream 4 nicki minaj to get where she is! But it wasn't nicki just works hard as fuck! and 4 kim to do this to her is straight up out of pure jealousy and hatred to a woman that did nothing but gave her props! I really wanna know what Nicki Minaj do to lil kim? but no1 can answer that because she did NOTHING TO HER!!! Im pretty sure if lil kim asked nicki minaj to teach her how to break records, she would say yes! But Nicki like u said in ur thank you's ?"...For every hater there are 100 lovers"...YOUR FANS HAVE YOUR BACK AND NO ONE IS GONNA HURT YOU!!!!

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