Sun, Aug 25, 2013 at 4:48 AM

Nicki Minaj "Give It All To Me" Verse Lyrics

Tell'em Lick A Shot , Hallow
Tell'em Say We Straight , Arrow
Tell'em The Flow Tight , Narrow
Everything Me Deh A Start Dem Borrow

Cruised Up , Link My Dudes Up
The Coupe Black & Blue , Yup It's Bruised Up
I'm Like Who's Up ? Girls Is Used Up
These Bitchez Iz My Sonz , I Tied My Tubes Up

Tell'em Again, Bad Gyal , Toast Is Oozed Up
I Hit Up Instagram , Post Some Nudes Up
Bonfire , Rev-It , Pop A Wheelie
Caribbean Girls Run It , Ask RiRi

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