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Nicki Minaj "Rich Friday" Lyrics

Whoa whoa whoa shout out to dem bitches tryna be me
Yea yea yea, bitch I'm poppin bottles, dream of genie

Flyest bitch on the planet, live in a castle
Niggas love me, my little waist, my ass colossal

These old bitches I fuck with get money
Dat Atlanta, dat Texas, dat Alabama - Montgomery

He ain't fuckin' no dummy
Bitches be fuckin' to get dat money
They pack, packin' dat gunny
Nigga you talk shit and get done-y

I tiger dial that rollie
Got that Angelina, that Jolie
I'm plain jane'n, no ice in it, so ain't no need for dat goalie
My jet prolly say Boeing
Bitches be broke claimin they ho'n
This jacket here cost 10 thousand
That tag on it say Balmain

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