Sun, Sep 29, 2013 at 4:56 PM

Nicki Minaj "Dope Dealer" Verse


I got all of these Dope dealers servin
Cut the work up they surgeons

I'ont want yall bitches around me
Wack bitches make me curve em

Imported rug thats persian
1 wheel up & we swervin

Wetter than a lake thats Ricki
Pop pussy like she nicki

She want me cause she seen me in that Aventador
Pull up on the curb so crazy
I done bent the door

Bad bitch wanna borrow
With I lent it to her
Make her bust that pussy open in Singapore

30 millionodo
Forbes List
Out in Philly in a Condo Boss Shit

Now they call me young Oprah .. Harpo , In the pool rocking polo Marco

Millionaires never do Lier's
No they can't see me their never my piers
Fruits of my labor go get me my pears
Cause you out of your element I am your fear

So go get off my Testicle
Pardon my decimal BITCH

check up my resumè
Im Up at echelon Rich

Them bikes is out
& we throwing them up like we Sick

My clothing line out in them stores & I'm sippin a Myx BITCH

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