Mon, Feb 24, 2014 at 6:08 PM

Nicki Minaj "SENILE" Verse

Ski Dweller Check Helicopter pad, Dropping Off A Body Bag. Money Talk, Guess I Got The Gift Of Gab

Don't Interject Don't Intercept You Ain't On A Jet
You Ain't Meet A Bitch With This Kind Of Money Yet

Yeah I Got An Audimar I Ain't Set The Time Once
And I Know They Said It Shine
I Ain't See Them Shine Once

All These Rappers Is My Sons And I'm Always 9 Months

Man If This Was Baseball I Ain't Let Em Slide Once

Do you SENILE ?
You Playing D Now ?
Oh You Wanna Beat me ? HOW
Oh You The Number 1 Draft In The League Now ?

Ride Down Ya Block
Doors 12 o Clock
Lambo The Drop

Bike Niggaz Ain't Stopping For A Cop
I Got This Shit Locked Tighter Than A Bear Hug

& Them Bitch Rap Niggaz Need An Ear Plug

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