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Nicki Minaj "ROCKSTAR" Verse Lyrics

How I'm gonna come on it, I just come on it
Another bitch, why would you put a bum on it?

Special Olympics, I'mma go dumb on it
No bike tricks, but I'mma stunt on it
A nigga talk slick, I'mma get Stun on it
A phone call might get a big gun on me
Who was on it?
Ain't a bitch in the game that'll do what I does on it

Be clear, cover Marie Claire
Million dollar show in India, she's there

My own drink, Mesquato Myx now
They seen Freaks so it's pasties on they tits now

Cuban link up, queue the Brinks truck
If I was a nigga I'd be getting my dick sucked

Diamonds on my wrist, Diamonds on my wrist
Ask Jason the jeweler, I'm cold
Centerfold, pussy's fatter than most
They gotta send an M if she's leavin' the coast
My bitches rocking gold, yeah we was born in the 80's
Chanel Versace hoes at the Miraja in Vegas, let's get it

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    On Thu, Jul 10, 2014 at 3:15 AM, Ciara Vann said:

    Nice verse.

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