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My Thoughts (For TeamMinaj)

By: Ranoey

[Please do not be offended if your name was mentioned in this blog, or i mentioned you w/o your name. no disrespect to anyone at all, just an opinion... very large one.]

A good friend of mine said most of what I've been thinking for the past few days. There were so many different interpretations of the blog & that can honestly be blamed on poor word usage. However, knowing Nicki & really considering the circumstances, I believe that the point she was trying to convey was torn into two different points. One point, the point she was trying to originally get across, is that a die hard is someone who loves & gives her never-ending support. And through that support, means you'll never do anything to disrespect someone else on her team. Why? Because she loves each and every one of us & to disrespect someone on her team means you're disrespecting her. The second point, which most people are up in the air about, is that a die hard is someone who only supports her and no other artist. Along with this point, comes the belief that Nicki believes Billy is more of a 'die-hard' than the people she unfollowed.

I can truly see how both of these points were taken from the blog. I believe that it has more to do with who knows Nicki, who thinks they know Nicki, & who doesn't know Nicki at all. Let's start off with how the blog was not meant for anyone outside of TeamMinaj. Yes, that sounds silly because many people outside of TeamMinaj know about her blogs and have known for quite a long time. However, considering she only has 'control' over TeamMinaj and she only unfollowed Teamminaj, that blog was meant for us. I will admit that when I first read the blog, I did not understand. I was leaning towards the second point. However, even through my confusion, something did not seem right with that. Would Nicki really be feeling that way? There has to be more to it, and there was. She said Billy was a diehard, which is true. He gives her never-ending support, has remained the same way since the beginning of his TM days, and since he has been forgiven by Nicki herself, he hasn't disrespected another member (to my knowledge) (we'll get back to this****).

Now let's get into that, She said going in on one of her diehards meant you're not a diehard yourself. Which is true! Going in on your own team member for a unknown cause does not seem diehard-like. I say unknown because the reason behind the dragging on TeamMinaj's end is still not clear. At first, I thought it had to do with Beyoncé, but TeamMinaj, to my knowledge, has never dragged anyone to that extent for another artist. Yes we may shade them down, but hours upon hours of dragging as if they disrespected Nicki? Naw. Do not get me wrong, I ADORE Beyoncé, and there have been MANY people in TeamMinaj to shade her for their own stupid reasons (stupid reasons because just like with Nicki, people hate on her with no genuine reason to dislike her, just so they can have a different opinion than everyone else). HOWEVER, I have come to understand TeamMinaj is NOT TeamBeyoncéMinaj, there are people who think differently and that is fine. So whenever someone shades her, I wait for the Beyoncé stans to go do their job. Why? Well simply because I cannot drag anyone for Beyoncé & I believe it's more worth it to let the Beyoncé people do their job than make myself look bad over an opinion I do not particularly care about. That's the whole thing about dragging, no matter the cause, you're putting your hands in dirty water & it's a risk most people do not think about or are willing to take. Another reason is because the person is a part of TeamMinaj. No matter how much you might say you're not a part of the Team, Nicki following you, letting you meet her & etc makes you a part of the team in her eyes. I know how she feels about that team so I do my best to keep the cute where it needs to be kept for HER sake, out of pure love for HER. ANYONE getting bullied on her teamminaj, no matter WHAT they say, hurts her. And lets face it, the bullying Billy received was definitely passed the norm. Yes, he shouldn't have had those things about himself on the internet, but taking it in your own hands then fully attacking him like that? For what cause? Because the Beyoncé stans said so? So they wouldn't drag Nicki in the process of dragging Billy? Nicki wouldn't give two shits if she was dragged honestly. & if TeamMinaj retaliated it would have just been a giant stan-war which I would not be a part of. A big waste of time.

[anyway, BACK TO THE BLOG]

If you're dragging someone in your team so hard (so relentlessly)... for their opinion on another artist, (repeats) that you would go out of your way to disrespect someone on your own team... in her eyes, what's the point of you being apart of HER team? After a while, it was past disrespect, it was pure bullying. Sadistic. The boy stopped tweeting. Three hours after he stopped tweeting it was still going on and it escalated into a full on personal attack mainly by Beyoncé stans, but with help from TeamMinaj on the sidelines. Pictures, namecalling... All while he wasn't saying a thing. Nicki started receiving DMs... people were scared for him. Now imagine Nicki's thought process. Someone she knows was being cyber-bullied, and by this time, the cause does NOT matter. It was lost in a sea of pure joy of dragging the fellow. And quite honestly, I would have preferred them to drag Nicki, rather than the beating he got from EVERYONE. She HAD to step in. What if during that time, he was watching his timeline, preparing to end his life? I doubt he would have, but I do not know him, and I do not know how that feels. All Nicki saw at that point, was someone who needed help. Do you blame her? It wasn't about Nicki 'playing a side' or her 'having favorites' it was about stepping in for something that seemed WRONG. And she has definitely done it before. So lets go back... That is why I stress the question of WHY was the dragging was so necessary? So what if Nicki got dragged? She would have been OKAY. EYE would have been okay. Nicki gets dragged everyday and I don't give a fuck. Why? She's still winning right? She still sees the love TeamMinaj has for her and she is fine hunni! Anyway I believe I crossed the main points of the blog she wrote.... so I'm going to stop here.



**** This line... was bad on my part. (he's also a diehard because he hasn't disrespected anyone since nicki forgave him) honestly the best diehards are the ones who never needed Nicki's forgiveness, people who have never done anything to another TM person. Um. That's impossible. I've DAMNED sure disrespected a few of y'all because I am a very moody person, and I CAN be a bitch sometimes... It's just cause some of y'all.... Lol . So if she based a diehard off that... there are VERY few of them. I am sure everyone in TeamMinaj has gotten a little buck with others. It just depends on rather Nicki has seen it or not. BOOP!

**** Everyone will not understand what I, and few people in TeamMinaj understands. Yes, a few. Because even though some of you did not believe the second point, you still didn't fully grasp the first point & have been pointing fingers. Saying this is all about people getting mad they were unfollowed. Ch. Anyway. Many people do not understand the bond she has with us. Even people within the team do not fully understand. Knowing this, it's unfortunately safe to assume that she will never get back the fans she lost. It's hard to look at the blog and find the real meaning with the tone & words that were used. This is what makes me very sad, because even with this blog, this won't change anything, it's just an opinion of someone that doesn't really matter to them. Also, Nicki cannot say anything without them think she's back-tracking either... These fans left, but more fans will come. It would be great if she did another blog thoroughly explaining herself FOR her fans but I doubt that will happen. Pray for us.

Okay now THAT is it.

Y'all can ask me questions, I might not have said everything I needed to say. And if you're gonna drag me for this... idc. Feel free... Lol. Just expressing my freedom of speech!

- Ranoey

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