Fri, Nov 18, 2011 at 12:36 AM


GOD fuck freinds when you tell them something they have to tell someone else when you say DON'T TELL ANYONE they just don't fucken listen and then there are the friends that hit you and beat you up and make fun of you and when they say just kidding that is FUCKEN BULLSHIT THOSE FUCKEN COCK SUCKING HOE'S and they are guy's and my friend's that are girls they are the good ones I only have two good friends that are guys man I tried to not hang out with they assholes but they always suck my in to play basketball and I bet they think they can push me around because I don't asy anything, but when I'm home I think about killing my-self, once I tryed, but I thought about the good friends and my family, so if you ever have friends like that don't do what I do it makes you feel worse. that it for today so keep reading my blogs and add me as a friend I could use more :(

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