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Pink Friday Tour | MANILA, Philippines 07/11/12

By: OMGzel

It all started when Nicki Minaj herself tweeted that she’ll be going here for her Pink Friday Tour. Philippines is the only country that she’ll be performing in ASIA.

Unfortunately, her concert is exclusive and the tickets are not for sale… Luckily i got tickets to her concert! Sounds cool right? thank you so much Globe x Blackberry for my free tickets!

Nicki Arrived in her powder blue cap and blonde hair w/ matching purple shades!:))

She even created a song for Philippines!

Your in the philippines, badda den billy jean

Guess dat is why I get more head than a guillotine

A few hours before the concert my partner for that night wasn’t able to come with me so i sent an sms to Mark if he still wants to watch the concert, and as always, he’s on the go! HAHA

The show was held at Moa Arena. It’s pretty huge and it’s my first time inside!

Bumped to some celebrities while searching for the entrance for the arena.

With Saab Magalona who’s always ready to pose for the camera lol

And with Lauren Young who’s kind enough to pause for a minute for this photo LOL

We also saw our friend ate Janina!

A not so ready =)) Ate Janina, Mark & Me.

every floor of the arena has this pakulo. Like in the lowerbox floor, there’s a F-R-E-E photobooth! Of course, we grabbed the chance and tried it out! To our surprise, the photo turned out cool + the BBM message HA! Check out the effect! Very cartoon-ish LOL.

There’s also this huge tarp/board that i find cool too!

We also went to Mark’s friend on the other side of the Arena. The staffs were so accommodating and they’re not-so-strict.

Met also Mark’s Friends! They’re nice and funny! :p

Karise, Nikita, Me & Mark

I saw my college friend too!

Joanah & Me

We we’re ushered to our respective seats. The staffs of Arena are so welcoming!

When i entered the arena, i felt like its morning. maybe because of the led lights around the venue.

After a few minutes of waiting….

the lights went off.. All you can see are these glowing lights! Awesome :))

Then Nicki started singing and we party all night!

I soo love her outfit here. Very Nicki LOL. I also want to commend on her shoes! i want them! :p

Here’s the Setlist for her concert

I want to confess that i only know 6 out of 24 songs but that din’t stop me from partying! Lol =))

After performing, Nicki Minaj pretended that she was about to leave without singing the song “Super Bass.” The recording artist ended her concert with her chart-topping song, of course.

The show ran for 1hour and 30min. NAKAKABITIN! So we shouted “We want more” like 20 times! :)) And to our surprise, Nicki went out to check if there are still waiting for her to come out.. and when she saw that there’s a lot of people who are still waiting, she went out in her pink robe! HA! :))

Soo sweet! She even tweeted about it!

One of my co-league sent me a message that he saw Nicki in her car at the exit place. So in my curiosity, i checked Nicki’s twitter account if its true.. and yeah! it’s true! Soooo luckkkyyyy

After her concert, i still have this BarbzFever lol =)) I’m soo addicted to her songs right now! I think i’m one of her barbz already! Hope you’ll come back again Nicki! Thanks for sharing your talent with us and thank you globe for making this concert possible! HAHA!

photo credits to mark, pep, globe & kristine

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