Sun, Dec 18, 2011 at 10:18 PM

Roman in Moscow [My predection in The video]

okay okay, So Nic just announced that she's shooting the video for RIM right fucking now. Like what? im fucking spazzing. yooooo it's gonna be MADDDD epic.
Alright, In the beginning of the video Martha is there idk i somehow think RR is gonna playing in the beginning. whatever. Martha is leaving Roman at the boarding school he was in. then he get's there and some kids start bullying him and treating him bad. the teachers do to. soooo he tries to escape. oh oh oh Nic is wearing a Dutch boy wig for him and wearing dutch boy clothes alldat. when Roman is ecaping the beat drop...... and she has long bob now. then he gets on a boat and starts acting like well roman adn raps and diffrent shit. then theres some guys tryna hold him down and he's jumping all around. and raping. and Then she talk and theres fire red eyes scratches alldat you know. then she gets to america and walks off in the darkness. omffggggg kay well thats my thought on this butt Nicki is crazy ass hell and i can be tottaly wrong. Can't wait for it to drop omggfdggfdndfsnndsfu

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    On Sun, Dec 18, 2011 at 11:19 PM, dallasbarbzz said:

    i think itll be story to it also. obvi, like shows him breaking out. MAYBE slim shady will be there toooo, but idk shady stays behind. i guess. but yea then he be killin peopl eand stuff. yea lmao.

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