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By: V.L.V...

The gravatational pull of your moons and my stars collided and created a glactic force in the atmosphere, causing earthquakes, tornadoes, and sand storms to appear...unh,unh,unh, is all I heard as the beat of your heart was felt between your legs...A rhythmic pulse, fluttered, and thumped as a wetslippery fat pink tongue eagerly and anxiously slurrped and sucked, and licked a verypretty pink pu$$y, with no odor,or smell, or disease...Thank u, thank U, 4a wonderful night of intense and extreme pleasure...I sauted thecrack of your azz with a hot and sticky saliva that trickeledDOWNandAdded a very wet moisture to your already overflowing pond of a passionate pussy. I held your legs up in the air and firmly and aggresivly fluttered my tongue like a rutter on a cruise ship and nibbeled, and kissed, and licked and LICKED arond the creavesesof your click and asshole..your pussy was so wet that I almost drowned after inhaling 2much water...I gasped 4air, took a deep breath and returned2 a submergedsubmarine oflove.....unh,unh,unh is all I heard, softly as you released your orgasmic juices inside my big ol horney and turned on, you exclaimed,"I'm about 2NUT and you shivered and shook and then I2came andSKEETEDon..the name tatooted on your back andSMEARED a huge nut across...KEVIN...AKA..BABYDADDY...unh,unh,unh, is all we could think, unh, unh,unh, is all we could say...UNH,UNH,UNH,...all overAgain( C. Mckinley Jr. aka."LV"...V...L...V...!!!!!!!!!

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