Tue, May 10, 2011 at 12:20 AM

WOW i jus missed it !?!o.o... -_- .........

Every body got in this competition an i jus missed it by a day dang super bass is really mi favorite song right now an i been slippen to cuzz i havent been listenin to #PINKFRIDAY like i shoulda been .00 but im on it again #teamminaj4life stepp mi cookies up!...! but anywho back to the contest i wish it coulda been one day longer cuzz i wanted to do this one really bad maybe i can jus make a video anyway for nick not to judge but for fannaticy yes boo new word pronounced (fan-at-ti-see) bitch!! woah.. scuse me tazz was throwin a snatch fit she wanted out but i kept her in but everyone can say hi to keannu friendly an ready to play these are the egos of mi gay sides 0.o an hopefully u kno tazz is stud an keannu is femme then there is lil ole me @JKPnkSlamNation (the straight bitch) follow me on twitter jus to warn u ull see a lot of keannu an lil d tazz.. tazz is a fell-in *ponders on how to spell this* anywho i think we should all clash a bunch of our favorite verses from nicki for nicki (again) jus because we can with blankets almonds an cranberries an our @names because maybe she'll follow us soon if not already *crosses fingers an hopes for nicki to read* but the point of this whole thing was to say nicki should do another contest but that doesnt really matter what im worried about is our ustream she promised to videos an a million followers ago *taps foot an starts to think how busy nick is* then *eases face an backs off slowly* sorry nicki but ive been waitin so patient an u neva shout me out or can read mi comments on ustream an twitter im glad to share ur love tho #investedinnick #inspiredbynicki & #followinnick *mwah* love u .......kay bye *waves spontaneously* W/LOVE GraffittiMinaj

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