Sat, Nov 20, 2010 at 10:04 PM


Todays Topic *shuffles papers* pink friday.. we have only 1 day an a mornin for the album to drop.... now mi dumb ass was dancin outside to romans revenge an fell in a fuckin hole.... #yismifootbroke -_- she betta sign mi cast lmao now nicki..... y the hell do u have lipstick, songs, t-shirts,an bracelets commin out..... wit different stores i mean damn i bought mi shit from amazon maybe i want also for her to put all that shit together in there for me i mean is it gonna change tha fact that i bought three albums nooooo but guess wat ..... it just got real, i wouldnt mind spendin an extra 30 dollars on yo ass 4 ur first album ur great an all the work that came wit bt Gaud Damn maybe have like a super deluxe or sum shit next tyme u decide u wanna promote all this extra good shit like damn head bitch incharge thats newyorks pic she dont lose like them dudes on the new york nics

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