Sun, Nov 21, 2010 at 6:33 PM

Free Scaff

So everyone in the world who is a Nicki Minaj fan a TrueFan arent u hattin on scaff right now for being that tight with Nicki..... if ur like me u wanna be able to do the same Free Scaff of his duties an let sumone else take over for a damn day shit.... dont u wanna b able to say to urself im in da group an didnt get kicked out for bitchin, bein a powderpuff faced wierdo or bein a strawberry short cake well i think we all should petition or get her attention to have a lil contest to b tight with nicki for *coughs* a week right or at least 2 days to c how Nicki really opperates if u like this idea make a petition for twitter an have everybody sign it to c if she will allow a few selected barbz including the one who made the idea *singsmelodically* mmmeeeeee! to join her lifestyle for a few days an party with the ONE the ONLY NICKIMINAJ? ofcoarse there will be conditions:
*self paid (u pay for all costs including if needed flight, hotel, etc if she decides anything else)
*for fun recite to her as many verses of hers as u can :D
WARNIG NICKI MINAJ MAY NOT COMPLY WITH THIS ATTEMPTED NOTICE SHE MAY REFUSE TO HAVE OR SUPPORT THIS CONTEST ... THIS WAS JUST A SUGGESTION AN CANNOT B TAKEN SERIOUSLY WITHOUT HER CONSCENT follow her at twitter :@NICKIMINAJ an me @JKPnkSlamNation for more fun conversation an @TeamMinaj,@NickiInfo for updates an new info,an @scaffbeezy cuzz hes a tight mofo.

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