Sun, Nov 21, 2010 at 7:19 PM

lookin ahead

tomarro on 11/22/10 imma write a blog goin over all the songs on nickis cd an imma try to get all the bonuses looked at to imma list all the songs an blog about how awesome they r expected to b and how she hopefully surpasses all expectations bt its nicki duh she almost always does wit the exception of the song haterade..... shes hot but nuthin but a repetitive flow to take up time anywho aside from this shes the BESTRAPPER NOT femaleRAPPER BEST RAPPER ALIVE ALONG WITH DRIZZY THEY R THE BEST RAPPERS ALIVE TOGETHER CREATING THEIR OWN UNIVERSE FUCK A PLANET MARS *(NUTHIN BUT LOVE 4 WEEZY TOO)* BT IM JUST SO USED TO HIS FLOW EVEN THOUGH HE CAN SWITCH IT UP LIKE DAT *SNAPS FINGERS* HE JUST GOT BARS PERIOD BUT ITS THE NICKI MINAJ SHOW RIGHT NOW SO TUNE THE FUCK IN AN WATCH YO NEW FAVORITE SHOW ITS THE ONE THE ONLY NICKI MINAJ!!!! *enters Nicki stage left* nicki:hi everybody! audience: *standing ovation with continued applause*. Nicki: Scaff getcha ass ova here an ananan an sit da fuck dOwN! stop actin like a fuckin baffoon *scolds*. Scaff: *walks across stage to seat* but i aint doin nuthin. watcho ass doin an what time is it. audience:*ooooouuuueeee's in fear* nicki:........... boy ill twist them balls ill twist them balls say sumthin like dat again ya hear, i swear i swear fo Gaud *fading loss of breath* *cocky attitude* mind ya buisness okay thats wat time it is. W/LOVE,

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