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Today Is Nicki's PinkFriday

wow wow wow wow
so imma start off wit tha itunes track list
Blazin: this track is an exciting motivational stuntin track that to me feels like i can get all mi crew behind me and just run tha town and become just the worlds greatest thing the NBT (next big thing) i love how she sparks off lebron aaawwww that gave me life an i couldnt stop laughin she really went in an it inspired me to b ''tha baddest at mi craft'' patented by Graffitti Minaj
Blow Ya Mind: This track (again these r based off mi opinion) sounds like a quick action getaway tune like u have to stunt in front of the right people then run to the next spot to be just as hot u want ur tyme 15 minutes of fame tryin to b bad for anybody comin thru Check it Out: is just a laid back track for me would b used as a outfit puller like wardrobe an hair pick like finding tha right attire to wear to an outing a check me out track if u will :D like to pick the right accessories an make up to just kill out all ur competition an friends
Dear Old Nicki:i would use this track as a break up/ make up song wen ur just letting go an remeniscing old tymes mi X an I had or r about to have if we r gettin together its like a sit down an think track that makes u really think about wat u wanna do in life general like its ment for big decisions
Did It On Em: aaahhhhhh this track is for wen u lookin yo baddest! feelin yo cockiest ready to put anybody in place if needed i feel like this is where u biggest name around cant nobody tell u or me nuthin V.I.P. status commin down the school halls as the baddest in the game or down the club line an u just made everybodies day with ur entrance dudes an chicks tryin to holla if they aint tryin to fightcha for lookin betta than them ya dig getcha glam on cuzz u r the princess to a bunch of female frogs right now
Fly: this track is about catchin ur inner self to turn the tables an have a positive reaction to sumthin bad or devistating that could just take ur breath for life...... its about... finding that special place or goal to conqure an make real an happen as if u were living a dream come true to be a better person no matter wat the situation u came from was to show everyone how ur not a failure or how ur not tha mistake they thought u were but a masterpiece just canvasing its finishing touches not giving up but pushing harder than u thought ur heart an soul would ever allow in mi case praising God for another day that i stayed on this earth.... i give all glory to him i couldve crumbled an passed as a missing angel but live on *~* :*(
Girls Fall Like Dominoes: nocking everybody over with ur success or shuttin people up with wat they think u cant or couldnt do having tha mindset to believe in urself wen noone else would
Here I Am: this track says to me how i should finally get my props for wat ive done because mi work is just as important as the next girl or guys how u should respect me for me wether u except me or not i am who i am here i am speak or walk by.... u choose but i am what i am for a reason
Im The Best: shows how mi success and hardwork got me far an people r finally tryin to out shine me but its mi tyme now an u'll just have to wait till im done with this role because u obviously cant stop me now
Last Chance: ummm i dont really no its just like this is the last chance to jump on this particular opportunity an do things up right an do em big (pauz)
Moment 4 Life: its saying how we've finally gotten to the peak of our year not necessarily life because something bigger could happen next ur unaware of or makin a break thru for generations of people not beleiving u made it this far career or life wise feeling ur higest without drug or intimidation to stop u
Muny: this is about collecting yo check for a job well done surpassing ur level of creativity stax for absolutely doin the most makin it look like it was nuthin piece o cake but try it an u... may not succeed but i am gettin things worth this procedure of sweat an tears
Roman's Revenge: this record is just about relieving stress an actin crazy its for colorful people with many personalities that switch within the blink of an eye to show off how crazy u can be wen provoked in voice movement and style its just a time to scream flail ur lims an get as buck as fuckin horse on crack * flails lims screams an runs in circles* aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh woe *stops to stare as by-standers hen skips away happily ,as if to say nuthings wrong with me ur tha one actin strange*
Save Me: is finding that one person who knos u all to well an can make u better with any touch of heart the one who holds u down that keeps u going wen uve had enough to just give up but the person who pushes u to b ur best wen kno ones lookin an even better wen the spotlights on u i could totally c a mini movie or music video in mi head like for the music video i would make everything animated an to begin with we'd have a quick few lines between hero an enemy then a race for survival super speed runnin sumthin resembling the power puff girls in a sense an samuria jack then a mid frame fight to the death an just wen u think its over ninjas drop in to finish the job but who will win because while this is happening there is an innocent by-stander being placed in tha middle of things an the hero either has to save himself the world or this person to be continued....
Super Bass: is for the girls an ken barbz finding that super bass to the beat of ur heart the one whos ment for u an ur perfect together nuthin stops u but when ur with that person they have ur heart in hand an can count everybeat with patience an tyme
Your Love: Describes ur altimate dream guy whos flaws u just cant c because ur focused on the connection u have between to lovers destined to b uve never found anyone as great as this person because no one could compair

Nicki ur whole album just does a fan wonders an if a true fan hatin on this than make em hear it a few more times theyll love it an understand it by the mornings peak. nuthin but love for the original HB an loved the hair on 106 an Nicki today tie died wonder i wonder how long that took *walks off silently an ponders* anyway keep up the good work nicki we love u forever and 10 lifetimes u da u da best
Graffitti Minaj
P.S. if u didnt already go cop the album it's PinkFriday HOE!!
the otha barbz will lock u away we'll put u in a jail cell if u dont do so rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr RUUUH

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