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so how many of yall r mad u couldnt get that damn lipstick on day one hmm well now how many of u r ova dat shit an r waitin up on thursday till midnight like me to get dat shit ha ya kno i thibk when she hass her club appearances she should totally make like 50 to 100 giftbags for some lucky backstaggers or people who she brings on stage for boob signings XD an wat should b contained in these said bags *quotation marks* are a signed poster CD u kno t-shirt that would cost tho 10 dollars an off tha market figh dollas *stares hard w/ lifted eyebrows* ya dig im such an entrepenuer lol tryin to get everything sold anty who that lipstick ur last chances for it r on the 3rd 10th an 17th den its gone poof like she an kc deuce stay fly u can call me have a safe flight an mi wrist froze stage fright wooooooow *flava flavs voice* tacky wasnt it -_- anty way so this thanksgiving concert nicki did.... so #iamTMZ for wanting to believe this lil kiss drake gave her was real an on da lips from dis picture i saved but nicki claimin it was on da check cuzz she still had dat lipstick on ya right!!! yall is some professional actors how we dont kno u kno how to get a quick peck an make tha lips look badder than new ...... right.... im sorry nicki let me stop just rantin an ravin like u on "My Time Now" which airs tonight by tha way 11/28/10 at 10 Est. LETS GO
Graffitti Minaj

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