Thu, Feb 21, 2013 at 1:07 AM

a lil bout me

yo! um... nicki minaj is my idol love her to death... her story is sorrota closed to mine i lock my self in my room and write songs to not think about the pain... i know almost everyone of her songs by heart.... i cant really afford to buy her cds her clothes or her perfume but i am saving as much money as i can so i can buy more nicki things... besides my love for nicki minaj and my love for rap.... i love to dance i do daydream about someday becaming a perfessional cheoreographer and opening a chain of dance studios..... someday i would like for my name to be known for girls like me who follow nicki to follow me i mean i love dance and growing up in a ghetto area i see kids 15 or 16 getting arrested almost everyday i would love to someday make a difference in those kids lives i mean giving them a place they can call home give them a sport or activity they love so that they can instead of being in trouble they would be there focused on their life... dance, rap, and my love for nicki has saved me so far and i would love to do that to others...

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