Fri, Aug 23, 2013 at 7:01 PM

"Hands Up" Nicki Minaj Verse

Mmm uh mm ay yo pass that crown to the real queen you know the girl get it popping like a pill fiend I got little bunny rabbits in my backyard so fuck a funny style fraud trying to act hard uh you my son no daddy you a bad star plus you got mad miles on your vag card naw can't work with none of them they talk slick then wonder why I be soning them I said bitch I'm a mogul yes I am global I'ont do barns but yes I am noble every interview yes I am their focul point but I'ont give a fruck boink ain't going nowhere like horses in a stable bitch I'm in a mansion forcing clicking cable now where my bad bitches we're pretty gang twerk that ass and let them titties hang

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