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  1. Mon, Aug 20, 2012 at 6:31 AM

    salutes people

    im going on summer practise for one week, so salutes barbz and kenz,miss me (:

  2. Sun, Aug 19, 2012 at 7:10 PM


    hi barbz and kenz.... follow me on twitter @sofiakuffova .. i´ll follow back....kisses(:

  3. Thu, Aug 16, 2012 at 4:37 PM

    my t-shirt

    hiiiiiii ,, i´ve got new t-shirt....I suggested it myself...i want give photo here, but idk how,.. on the t-shirt says : KEEP CALM and CALL BATMAN and I'll have to do shirt with the inscription: #TeamMinaj and the back...

  4. Tue, Aug 14, 2012 at 4:48 PM


    HI guuuuyz? wasup?? i´ve got a new hair ....brown-red :D:D hah its OK , my friend gots brown-purple:D:D after i´ll give photo here :D:D yes TeamMinaj

  5. Mon, Aug 13, 2012 at 7:38 PM

    good night my pink friday

    Good night barbz & kenz ... i gotta go sleep.. byeeeeeeee :*

  6. Mon, Aug 13, 2012 at 7:35 PM

    one poisonous boy

    one poisonous boy bothering me all day all night...he is an idiot!! first :he wanted me second : i don´t want him Third : he angry , his ego is broken and now his writing me all day all night about hooey and then say sorry .. im annoying!

  7. Mon, Aug 13, 2012 at 7:26 PM


    i love my friends.. They give me power in bad days...i like days with them... they are crazy ,funny, stupid, awesome people :) im glad,that i have them

  8. Mon, Aug 13, 2012 at 6:43 PM

    Nicki´s barb ^.^

    I love Nicki. I hope that one day i´ll meet with her.She´s very strong personality.She´s AWESOME .i love her music, her voice(hah) and her SWAG and originality. She´s sooooo pretty and amazing. She showed a lot of to world, people and her barbz and kenz I hate her HATERS!!!! they are stupid! some people saying that she´s rtificial or unoriginal or that she is like lady gaga! It isnt...

  9. Mon, Aug 13, 2012 at 5:59 PM


    i would be following by NICKI MINAJ.. every day i hope:)) i love her ..and this is one of my dreams !! so i just HOPE *.*

  10. Mon, Aug 13, 2012 at 5:22 PM

    Les Twins babeeeeeee!

    LES TWIINS are dancers which i love :) they´re one of best dancers ever! check them ! F*CK YEA!

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