Wed, Jul 20, 2011 at 12:26 AM

Snapple Apple

mkay This ish is su-frickin-perb! it actually taste like an apple not apple juice but a real frickin apple. Must go back to the store to get more but anywayz.....
Today's word of the day is Organize.
People i am warning you not to listen to Bruno Mars' "lazy song" i made that my summer theme took it to heart and now i'm paying for it
So today's goal was to get me life out of dissaray (ya know i'm sure i spelled that wrong, but im too lazy to look for a dictionary)
The laundry is sorted the schedule is made
and now i have to write down all of these phantastic spur of the moment recipes i've created
oh did i fail to mention my first paycheck was 80 damn dollars due to "union wages" wtf am i supposed to do with that? do these people not know i got rent to pay?!!....
sorry went of board
in the mist of it all there was one shining light
my daughter has reffered to me as a beautiful queen
and what's to be like me. nice to know that i atleast look like i'm holding all together.

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