Wed, Jul 6, 2011 at 6:25 PM


hello again in the crowd out there of 0.1 people who hates people botherin all up on you actin like u they friend. well that is 100 % because i am the .1 . i think of myself as that because i am not doin everthing i want in life. i have been all over ny and i speak 2 different languages. guess what they are. they are ghetto and english. im gonna say hi in both languages. ay yo wats up my nigga that was 1 here is the next hello how are u doing. guess which one is which i bet yall already know. but back to my people subject today i just bupmed into this lady and she start cursing at me in a totally different language she was like iga niga shege hash and im like wat the hell so comment this if u dont like people

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