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now i have a new nicki minaj club i made last week that i forgot to mention we meet in each others houses we are gonna make a website next month. one person there is 11 we let her in because she curses and knows everythin about nicki its crazy but think of her as the little sister i never had she so bad and she is just like me when i was little quiet but deadly muahahahahah im gonna change my avatar again tomorow and show ya wat i look like. no again i am not white and i am not albino either. back to barbie101 its somewhat like a class its like theres 2 teacher and the group splits 25 25 and the other 24 are students its like college on nicki minaj. we have like 4 classes (young money cash money entertainment ; nicki minaj ; lil wayne ; nicki minaj)
might be wondering why there are 2 nicki minaj's the first is for stupid people and the second is for extremely smart people im always the teach of the smart class and my friend is the teach of the other class. the 11 year old is in the smart class with a bunch of 25 yr olds the 11 year old is white when is say white she came straight from england last year and im about to kick her out cuz she discriminatin against black people even though she love nicki minaj

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    On Mon, Aug 22, 2011 at 4:10 AM, Cherish Minaj said:

    wuna b n yo class doll! pry be n da smart 1 if u dont mind me sayin....muahahahaha....!!!! so itz all about nicki? love dat 2 da FULLEST...if anything i wud upgrade 2 Teacher! muahhahahahah!!!!

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