Tue, Apr 12, 2011 at 10:49 AM


st_st_stepping out in em Giuseppe zanotti's

flyer than a kite,all dem niggas notice

z-zi-zi- zip past em bums in my masserati

pretty in pink,say hi to the paparazzi

no fly zone hunnie, i'm throwing shade

all ma haterz go on pick up a spade

crusty nasty biches disgust me,

entourage check..sorry you cannot touch me.

cuz I'm Roque bitches y'all can never be like ME!!!

hey y'all! i just had this pop up randomly into my head while at work... hope y'all are cool. stay positive and keep dreaming. Never take no for an answer (when its abt a good cause and for urself)and be you! life's too short to be a duplicate!

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