Fri, Mar 25, 2011 at 12:25 PM


I LOVE NICKI. yeah, err body says that daily,every second they can. some go to extremes to show it so they can get their 3 mins of fame. get mentions and fame.... well to each his own.
She has given so much ....from within and without. from her words and her life,i can hold my head up and stand strong in heart that God does hear and by believing our dreams come true... no matter who we r.
in my world...its Nicki and i. going hard,going strong!! No one gets my fascination or love for her. I was all alone in my barbieness without a voice but now Onika has paved the way. being a barb aint bout the outfits or speech or mannerisms.....its deeper than that. its about being yourself not a copy....being real to your femininity....being strong for God made you strong and He is with you always..... being unafraid to show your colours without apology........
I still am the only barb in my world..........

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